Virtual Staging – Finding the Right Virtual Stager to Showcase Your Listing

Are you thinking about trying the services of a Virtual Stager?

Consider your options carefully. Staging is unregulated but specialized field of expertise regarding many factors, including, but not limited to, the target demographic, architecture, location, and the amenities a property offers. Unregulated means there is no authority to oversee the education and qualifications of someone who wants to call themselves a stager, virtual or otherwise. Virtual Staging is a specialized field within the staging industry. It basically breaks down into the insertion of design ideas onto an existing image of a room or exterior of a house.

How one decides which ideas to use is crucial to the overall impression a virtual staging image makes to buyers. Experience separates the wheat from the chaff. Anyone can insert images and propose ideas for staging onto a photo with any Photoshop program…anyone at all. However, experienced, professional stagers are not just anybody. They are keenly aware of what ROI (return on investment) a project offers. They are purveyors of cost-effective ideas that can enhance a property in the exact way that follows ever-changing buying trends. Translating real-life Staging skills to the Virtual Staging Arena are crucial to showing a buyer not only what is possible potential a property holds, but how to depict that potential in a straightforward, highly desirable, and cost-effective way. Virtual Staging is marketing, but it has an unmistakable relationship to the art of revealing an instinctual verdict of value about a property. There is more to it than Photoshop + Furniture = Staging. If you are considering sourcing a quality virtual stager, consider these tips:

  • Do they have actual experience in the field of Staging?
  • Do they offer Traditional Staging as a Service?
  • Do they have any Staging Education?
  • Are they affiliated with any reputable staging associations, such as RESA or the IAHSP?
  • Does their portfolio reflect a clear sense of design skill and execution of actual staging rules and concepts?

There is so much more to staging than simply photoshopping arbitrary furniture, art, and accessories onto a photograph. True staging addresses more issues than just offering ideas for furnishings and decor. Actually, experienced stagers understand quite well that staging has very little to do with furniture and accessories. It has to do with eliciting a response to make a long-term financial commitment, and savvy buyers are desperately seeking reassurance that they have chosen well. Excellent staging delivers this reassurance, and Virtual Staging allows this bonding to occur without the distraction of physical items on the property.Quality staging encompasses a myriad of skills and fields of study, including architecture, style, layout, demographics, color theory, ROI knowledge, product knowledge, DIY project experience, current trend awareness, and a strong ability to create dynamic flow to tell a story about what life could be like living at that particular property, with a little time and investment on the part of the future buyer. So, do your homework to determine whom you are hiring to Virtually Stage your listing. Just like a good Real Estate Agent, a quality Virtual Stager should have plenty of obvious signs that they know what they are doing and exactly how to achieve maximum impact to project the most desirable qualities to get your property sold. Proven staging experience in the real world is crucial to insure the decisions made on your property’s behalf in the virtual world are based on sound staging principles.

Michelle Molinari is a award-winning Certified Staging Professional and Lead Virtual Designer for “Feature This…” Real Estate Staging and has over 20 years experience in the design industry. Heading a staff of highly-trained Conceptual Designers for both Interior Staging and exterior Curb Appeal, and located in Abbeville, Louisiana, Ms. Molinari has aided in the marketing of property all around the world with concise, well-researched solutions for property-sellers and buyers alike.

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