About Us

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Original Lawyers Inc. offers comprehensive counseling and full support to business organizations of various sizes, ranging from global premium companies to middle market entities and start-ups that are entrepreneurial in nature. We serve across a vast spectrum of specific industries that include the automotive and energy sectors and financial services.

The attorneys at Original Lawyers Inc. collaborate strategically with their clients so that they are able to deliver results which are targeted. They offer solutions which address complex issues in business operations and corporate law matters. The business services and practices offered by us help our clients reduce the risk factors and then maximize their business opportunities while maintaining a distinct focus on a vast range of corporate issues and legal strategies. These issues could be concerning niche industries such as corporate finance, media, aviation, sports and media, taxation and bankruptcy.

Original Lawyers Inc. is an internationally established legal firm which serves governments, companies and various financial institutions. Our history as an international team of attorneys at law has placed us uniquely to help our clientele in resolving complex legal issues regardless of whichever part of the world they may be in.

We are a full service law firm that achieves results by meeting the objectives set forth by our clients in a creative and cost-effective manner. We do all this at the very cutting edge of current legal developments. Our legal firm represents our clients in various phases of litigation issues before all state and federal courts at both the appellate and the trial levels. The synergy maintained between our transactional departments and the litigation department allows us to offer realistic solutions to increases the chances of our clients’ success.

Our attorneys have the necessary insight and the expertise in every aspect of our practice areas. This has been developed through hands-on experience and the ability of our attorneys to interpret unique and uncompromising focus to details and towards achieving results. We have built up our legal perspective over many years of hard work and have established legal precedents while contributing to the shaping of various legal issues. This deep perspective among a range of important disciplines and the complicated issues that surround these disciplines has allowed us to leverage the knowledge of our attorneys while serving the individual needs of our clients. It has created a solid foundation for these attorneys. They lead all practice disciplines with both intelligence and expertise combined with managerial competence. We balance our sharp ability to focus and broad perspectives to get successful results in constructive and unique ways while utilizing a team approach that is integrated at the same time. Our attorneys take pride in their reputation that has been earned in a hard way as a result of providing extraordinary legal work for their clients.

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